The Nature of the Beast: Meetings Archive

  • The Nature of the Beast: Meetings Archive
  • The Nature of the Beast: Meetings Archive

20 March - 30 May 2010
Outset Project Gallery (Gallery 5) & 176/Zabludowicz Collection Project
Gallery (Gallery 6)

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To mark the end of The Bloomberg Commission: Goshka Macuga: The Nature of the Beast, this exhibition brings together an extraordinary collection of documentary evidence from a year of public debates and discussions. Central to Macuga’s installation was a circular meeting table, positioned in front of the lifesize tapestry of Picasso’s Guernica borrowed from the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Over the course of a year, this table became a forum for commemoration, confession, teaching, political rallying, heated debate and live action. At Macuga’s request, all the public meetings were documented. Through recordings, images, ephemera, minutes and correspondence, this exhibition presents a portrait of the communities that met here from Stop the War Coalition and the National Health Service, to the London Cultural Strategy Group and School Councils.


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The Bloomberg Commission invites an international artist tocreate an annual site-specific artwork inspired by the rich history of the former library. Bloomberg’s support reflects its commitment to innovation, and its ongoing efforts to expand access to art, science and the humanities. Additional support provided by the Wingate Scholarships.