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1 December - 25 February

As time went on technique improved and the stuffed robin was carried about already wired to a six-foot stick which could be quickly stuck in the ground in any suitable place…….. It was before breakfast on a cold October morning that the strangest of all results with a stuffed robin was achieved. The stuffed bird had been erected in the territory of a hen robin previously know to be exceptionally fierce, and for a record time of forty minutes this bird continued to posture, strike, and sing at the specimen. She was still continuing to do so when the distant sound of the breakfast gong caused me to interrupt proceedings by removing the specimen from its perch and walking off. By chance I looked back, to see the hen robin delivering a series of violent pecks to the empty air. I was able to get to the exact place where I had previously stood, so could see that the bird was attacking the identical spot formerly occupied by the specimen. Three more attacks were delivered in rapid succession, but on the last two the bird was about a foot out of position. She then sang hard but returned for a final attack, now three feet out of position, while her violent singing continued for a while longer.

The Life of the Robin, David Lack. 1943


108 Rosebery Ave, EC1R 4TL

Getting to: 108 Rosebery Ave

The gallery is an 8 minute walk from Angel station.

Buses: The 19, 38, 341 stop in front of the gallery on Rosebery Avenue.

Please contact Transport for London for detailed travel advice

First Thursdays gallery Rosebery Avenue

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