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Bad Gateway

Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix

24 March - 01 June

The unabashed still and moving images of Molina are powerful reminders of what you think you are seeing is not what they really are. Images pushed to the limit of reality, either by way of blown up to maximum to the extent where objects are no longer recognisable, or through video feedback where projector is projecting its own image while analogue and digital change hands in infinite loop, a feigned appearance at the first glance will at one point leave room to an awareness that all is in fact quasi-fantasy and one is handed a total liberty to see what they wish to see.

Concerned with the relationship between natural or analogue and digital phenomena, Molina effectively searches to alter the perception through abstraction. Molina’s images are very private. They are demanding in that they ask audience for time to experience them and internalise them. They do not represent anything that is tangible and has physicality. There is no reference, one is asked to ‘feel’ it. Once internalised, the abstract images of Molina start to grow strangely organic; they not only speak to one’s sense of visual, but also to that of touch, and of hearing. It is a highly individual, private experience, as in the words of the artist, almost as in ‘altered states of consciousness or hallucinations.’

‘Bad Gateway’ refers to increasingly large amount of time the artist, and people at large, spend in front of screen and keep receiving the code letting know that something has gone wrong. In the context of his first solo show in the UK, however, we can safely say that Molina himself acts as a gateway for audience to peek into and live the seemingly nonchalant but potentially deep and intricate web of visual and total experience.


Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix
19 Goulston Street
W1 7TP

Finissage – 01/06/17

Closing evening reception

Getting to: Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix

3 minute walk from either Aldgate East or Aldgate Tube Station. 9 minute walk from Liverpool Street Tube Station.
Nearest tube / overground-Aldgate East, Aldgate, Liverpool Street
Bus Routes- 25, 40, 42, 67, 78, 100, 115, 135, 205, 254, N205, N253, N550, N551
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