FLAMIN Productions Screening: Elizabeth Price

Thursday 29 March, 2012 - 9pm

In December 2002, a ship called the MV Tricolor sank in dense fog along with its cargo of 2897 luxury cars. It went down in an area of the English Channel called West Hinder. The events provide the basis for an imaginary visit to the seabed to survey the spectral image of the ruined cargo. During the course of the film the luxury cars gain a kind of consciousness.

Their on-board intelligent vehicle control systems (which deliver digital navigation, entertainment, environment and safety functions) are corrupted by their immersion in the water. Here they develop memory and desire - and the language to express these feelings. Most particularly they acquire a collective will and the ability to exert their will collectively.

The script for West Hinder draws on the language of car advertising - often an eroticised language of control - to narrate the plight of abandonment, lethargy and decay. In the later stages of the video, the narration slips into a more lyric form; the cars 'play' a song from their hard drives and perform a synchronised underwater dance.

The screening will be introduced by the artist and will also present two of Price's earlier works, At the House of Mr X and The Choir Parts 1&2.

In association with Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN) Productions.

Please call the information desk on 020 7522 7888 to check ticket availability and to book.

Concessions and Members are kindly asked to provide proof or ID when collecting tickets on the night.

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