Performance: FLAT TIME/sounding

Saturday 4 September, 2010 - Saturday 4 September, 2010

Advance bookings for this event have closed. Tickets will be available from the Information Desk from 11am on the day, please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

A composition and performance by composer/author David Toop based on John Latham's ideas of Flat Time.


David Toop: laptops, flutes, strings, amplified processes, omnipresent score.

John Butcher: saxophones, etc...

Phil Durrant: Maschine, etc...

Aleks Kolkowski: gramophones, Stroh violin, etc...

+Roger Turner: percussive markers

John Latham's 'Flat Time Hypothesis of 2000' elaborates on various forms of art, sound and those immaterial and mysteriously insubstantial events that exist as anomalies within our predominately space-based, object-based materialistic epistemology.

David Toop Highlights Flat Time's affinity to the conceptual framework of an improvising musician, innately understanding and responding to the world in terms of events.

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Followed by the launch of a new DVD of John Latham’s films.

Commissioned on behalf of the John Latham Archive and supported with funds from the PRS Foundation.



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