Seven Stories About Modern Art in Africa (hardback)

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Substantial catalogue produced to accompany the Whitechapel Gallery’s 1995 exhibition, Seven Stories About Modern Art in Africa. Conceived by co-curator Clementine Deliss, this publication provides an invaluable point of reference for African art, with essays by African, European and American artists and writers, a wealth of documentary information and over 200 images. It is both a visual sourcebook and an unprecedented historical compilation.  Seven Stories About Modern Art in Africa, curated by five Africans, embraced works by sixty artists, including deeply spiritual works from Sudan and Ethiopia, drawing on Islamic and Christian traditions; large apocalyptic paintings from Uganda, reflecting civil strife and the AIDS epidemic; a mixed media installation from Senegal, featuring suspended mannequins, wire sculptures and banners; and significant works by black and white artists from South Africa, reflecting on the country's past and present.

Hardback, 320 pages, 230 illustrations, 80 in colour. ISBN HB:2-08013-599-6

Published by the Whitechapel Gallery, 1995.  

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