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As art spaces around the world begin to re-open their doors, we’re more excited than ever to collaborate with our neighbouring East End galleries for the August edition of First Thursdays.

This month we partnered with BEERS London, PEER UK, Gallery 46 and Stour Space Gallery who have announced an exciting assembly of painting, photography, live broadcasts and socially-distanced openings.

BEERS London 

Installation view of Miles Debas: Thousand Mile Smile at BEERS London, 29 July – 16 August 2020. Photo: Damian Griffiths.


Following the first round of the Summer Marathon exhibitions featuring Kristina Chan & Itamar Freed, BEERS London return this month with Miles Debas: Thousand Mile Smile.

Inspired by his wife’s pregnancy, the new series of works by American artist Miles Debas looks at the creative power of the human body, using emblematic figurative imagery to illustrate ideas about love, communication and interrelationships between persons, places and things. The works create a type of visual language focusing on the malleability of the body and object.

Titled after one of Debas’ paintings, the show revolves around feelings of separation and connectedness that many have been experiencing at this time. Both the work and the title point to Debas’ effort to manufacture a bit of joy and positivity in order to counteract the stark realities of the moment. He states, ‘I want to present the possibility of optimism’.

BEERS round out their Summer Marathon with Valentin Van der Meulen’s Strip Cities, opening in mid-August.

Installation view of Miles Debas: Thousand Mile Smile at BEERS London, 29 July – 16 August 2020. Photo: Damian Griffiths.



Running 16 July – 5 September 2020, Alex Urie’s Silo takes over PEER UK with a series of large scale, immersive canvases.

Influenced by Pierre Bonnard’s domestic interiors and Michael Bauer’s frenzied surfaces, Urie’s work invites slow and meditative viewing. He writes, “I approach these canvases like salvaged grounds… Although the work is process-driven, I continue to question how these paintings might function like errant narrative paintings, how they are tied to location, or might begin to be quite instructional or diagrammatic.”

Urie brushes, pours, drumps and floods his untreated canvases and textured surfaces with household and oil paint. Working initially on the reverse side of the final artwork, the pigment seeps through his material, revealing unforeseen images when the piece is finally flipped.

The artist relishes the relationship between this way of working and that of printmaking or casting techniques, where certain elements of the outcome are unpremeditated. This immersive process suggests that the resulting paintings are purely abstract; however, Urie employs personal photographs and found imagery pulled from such places as Trip Advisor or You Tube, all of which prompt the viewer to pause and take a closer look.

Visit PEER’s website to learn more and familiarise yourself with their health & safety guidelines before visiting. You can see the show in person without booking tomorrow until 8pm.


Gallery 46

Throughout lockdown, Gallery 46 have been running a series of live transmissions under the banner, LIMINALITY [START DREAMING]. Curated by Sean McLusky, Bjørn Hatleskog, Kevin Quigley & Martin J Tickner, the series features a selection of new works dealing with such timely themes as incubation, self isolation, modes of liminality, meditation, restrictions and freedom.

This Thursday, 6 August, their 15th transmission, COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, will go live on the gallery’s Instagram and YouTube channels at 6pm BST. This is the final instalment in the programme series and is set to feature 12 live performances taking place throughout the gallery’s four floors.

Stour Space Gallery

This Thursday, the multifaceted East End gallery Stour Space presents a solo show of Steve Pulvernis’ work titled The Ever-Changing Past.

Working as a professional photographer during the 1990s, the artist found his calling working with monochrome negatives in his darkroom. This new series of images centres around the street art that features prominently on both old and new architectural sites in Hackney Wick and the Nomadic Community Gardens. With an ever-changing canvas to work with and a wealth of historic sites to capture, Steve crops his square Hasselblad negatives, revealing bold, hand-printed compositions that are emblematic of his photographic practice and love for London’s city scape.


On the first Thursday of every month, over 150 galleries in east London come together and run free events, exhibitions, talks and private views during a special late opening. Find out more about First Thursdays here.