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As we say goodbye to 2020, we would like to take a moment to reflect on just how important art and culture are for our wellbeing and sense of community. Last year we launched the online edition of First Thursdays to keep the spirit of collaboration alive; we partnered with Velorose GalleryPEER, Yamamoto Keiko Rochaixarebyte, Gallery 46, Kate MacGarry,  BEERS London, Stour Space GalleryOffshoot Gallery, Studio 1.1, EndoftheLine, SCAN Projects, The Old Bank Vault, Hundred Years Gallery and PUBLIC Gallery, each of whom shared an exciting assembly of virtual exhibition tours, video content and artist Q&As to satisfy our creative cravings from home.

We are now thrilled to kick off the New Year with arebyte and The Residence Gallery. While London’s current Tier 4 restrictions have left galleries temporarily closed, both spaces share with us new artists, new mediums and new ways to explore their work online.

Installation view of Alan Warburton: RGBFAQ at arebyte Gallery. Photo: Max Colson.

arebyte Gallery

Presenting a new commission by UK based artist Alan WarburtonRGBFAQ comprises a research-led experiential exhibition in which the audience navigates a “black-box” set populated by gigantic geometric sculptures. Warburton’s ambitious new video essay will be projection mapped onto a sculptural background, expanding the form of his popular video essays, including Goodbye Uncanny Valley and Fairytales of Motion, into an immersive 3D space, with a soundtrack by David Kamp.

This post-photographic origin story bridges x-rays and z-buffers, radar and Pixar, video games and machine learning, concluding with insights into how synthetic data is changing the nature of vision forever. Informed by the latest development in machine learning and computer graphics, as well as Warburton’s ten years working in animation, RGBFAQ puts viewers inside software, and inside software history.

“My process is like a comedian developing a set, but without the laughs,” says Warburton, who describes this spatial video essay as “a cross between a software tutorial and a ghost train ride that channels an episode of late 80s Tomorrow’s World.”

Watch the gallery’s exhibition video here and find out more on their website here.

Installation view of Alan Warburton: RGBFAQ at arebyte Gallery. Photo: Max Colson.

The Residence Gallery

The Residence Gallery presents Ello Govna, an intergenerational exhibition of Robert Hawkins and Bora Akinciturk. The show brings together a survey of painted works displayed in a firing line of disorienting visual narratives. With a post-2020 National Geographic style feel, Robert and Bora pull references from the natural world, the world wide web and popular media. Despite a 30 year age gap between them, they find synchronicity, effortlessly collaborating in a hellish dreamscape. Sharing a similar sense of humour, wit and impending doom, their storytelling bravado provides for a dreamy, dystopian mash-up of the world at large. The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Natalya Serkova.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition here and find out more on The Residence Gallery website here.

Installation view of Ello Govna, courtesy of The Residence Gallery. Photo: Rob Harris.

Installation view of Ello Govna, courtesy of The Residence Gallery. Photo: Rob Harris.


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