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In this moment of global uncertainty, we believe in the uplifting spirit of collaboration, which is why we are bringing independent, East End galleries together for the third online edition of First Thursdays. This July we partnered with arebyte Gallery, Gallery 46 and Kate MacGarry who have announced an exciting assembly of virtual tours, exhibitions, online lectures and live broadcasts.

Gallery 46

Liminality [start dreaming] is on view at Gallery 46 from 6 June – 28 June 2020.


Gallery 46 presents an online project, Liminality [start dreaming], which takes shape as a series of live transmissions around such timely themes as self isolation, meditation, restriction and freedom. Each Thursday at 6pm GMT, the gallery is dispatching a selection of works curated by Sean McLusky, Bjørn Hatleskog, Johny Brown, Kevin Quigley and Martin J Tickner, with the last performative transmission scheduled for the first Thursday in August.

Find out more about the ongoing programme and tune in to the live broadcast of Transmission No. 6 on Youtube and Instagram.

‘In a mode of LIMINALITY – we are compelled to ask questions.
To meditate on how we will transverse and embrace the mystery and power of transition.
Of what has been and what will become….
Let us enter this Liminal space, collectively.
Where we are free to roam in transcendent modes.
Free to activate the imaginal.
Free to [START DREAMING] again.’


arebyte Gallery

Screenshot from Best Effort Network at arebyte Gallery, on view from 27 March throughout the lockdown.


“If something is in the net it should speak in net language.” — Olia Lialina

Internet Protocol (IP) networks are often described as ‘best effort’ networks, meaning the network gives its ‘best effort’ to deliver every package of data as quickly as it can. However, it does not guarantee that full packets will be delivered, or that it will treat important financial data any differently to that of a meme.

arebyte Gallery are sharing their ongoing exhibition, Best Effort Network, which features a series of new and re-made works from 2013 – 2020 by 90’s net art pioneer Olia Lialina. Often gestural and illustrative, her works address the systematic nature of the Internet through manifestations of intimacy between hardware, software and human interaction. Here websites and browsers are brought into play to reveal the complex networks of data flow.

Watch an online lecture with Olia Lialina here and take a virtual tour of the exhibition here.

Olia Lialina, Summer, 2013, Animation made of eighteen still images, hosted on twenty-six websites. Courtesy of arebyte Gallery.


Kate MacGarry

Rose Finn-Kelcey, The Restless Image: a discrepancy between the seen position and the felt position, 1975, Archival silver gelatin print, 50 x 53.5 cm.


Kate MacGarry presents a solo exhibition of works by Rose Finn-Kelcey (1945-2014). The exhibition focuses on key pieces from the 70’s to the 90’s, exploring a breadth of work central to the artist’s practice. She first came to prominence in the early 1970s as an artist central to the emerging communities of performance and Feminist art in the UK. The nature of Finn-Kelcey’s work is richly diverse, both in form and subject matter, however it is consistently conceptual and “characterised by a dry wit that belies the formidable intelligence and deep humanity that drove her practice”.She deftly offers humour as a point of access into her work, allowing a wide and varied audience to consider topics as varied as life, death and spirituality communicated with great depth and profundity.

Finn-Kelcey was involved in different forms of social and political activism, communicated in particular in her series of ‘flagworks’. The flags, which she described as ‘wind-dependent objects’, are sculpted by the unpredictable environmental variables they encounter, the position of the spectator and their performative messages. Here is a Gale Warning (1971), was flown from the top of Alexandra Palace which was, at the time, both an exhibition space and broadcasting station for BBC2. The installation triggered a considerable response from worried callers who jammed the BBC switchboard as a result.

Learn more about the artists work on YouTube and visit the physical gallery space between 12-5pm, Wednesday – Saturday.

Rose Finn-Kelcey, Here is a Gale Warning ,1971-2011, Silver gelatin print mounted on aluminium 101.6 x 152.4 cm. Photography by Angus Mill


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