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New exhibitions this season means new collaborations with our neighbouring East End galleries. For the October edition of First Thursdays online, we’re delighted to be partnering with EndoftheLine, who present a live painting session with muralist Jim Vision, SCAN Projects who host a virtual tour of their current aquatic-inspired group show, The Old Bank Vault who invite visitors into the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and Velorose who share a series of postcard artworks in celebration of Black History Month.


Jim Vision, Colourful Women, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.


Ever wonder how East London’s iconic murals come together? Join artist Jim Vision live this weekend as he puts the finishing touches on a new work as part of his Colourful Women series.

As 2020 the world has seen some monumentally challenging situations – none more so than the fight to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement – Jim Vision came out of the national lockdown with a mission to paint empowering women of colour on walls throughout Shoreditch and Brick Lane. Hoping to raise awareness for the beauty of all people and to empower women, the artist’s rainbow palette works as a metaphor for the enriching strength of supporting diversity and embracing people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Vision’s latest mural is located on the corner of Jerome street, E1, a location notorious as a hotspot for anti-social behaviour, and the site of a previously destroyed mural. Head to Google Maps to check out his other recent projects or take to the streets of Shoreditch if you fancy a walk this weekend.

Jim Vision, Colourful Women, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.


SCAN Projects

Elena Aitzkoa, Cisne, 2018, Cloth, plaster, handkerchiefs, dried yarrow flowers, oil and pigment powder.


Every story begins in water, or so curator Cristina Ramos suggests in a new group show at SCAN Projects this autumn. On view until 17 October, Being Pulled All Over the Place offers a philosophical and experiential exploration of swimming in all of its aquatic glory. The exhibition gathers a number of multimedia works that directly reference the act of swimming, as in the case of artist Marc Vives who explores the capacity of water to express our feelings through speaking with the ocean, or in the work of Ingela Ihrman, whose objects create uncanny underwater worlds. Other works by Katharina Siegel, Elena Aitzkoa and Carlos Monleón explores water’s ability to transmit messages.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition here and immerse yourself in the artists’ submarine imaginations.

Ingela Ihrman, SEAWEEDSBLADET #1, 2019, Newspaper, 16 pages, A3 format.


The Old Bank Vault

Pola Voiznik, from the series S-A-H


Outside In brings together new work created during lockdown from UK resident artists that have developed as a response to the constraints of the current global crisis. Through video installations, postcards, sculptures and experiences; the exhibition is a journey through creativity. Moving from the cinematic ghastliness and haunting shadows of the almost empty streets of central London by filmmaker Pietro Silvestri; to being invited to peer into the private, inside spaces of flats, from the outside with Adam Isfendiyar’s portraits, each work in the group show highlights a feeling of isolation and connection through these shared experiences.

As a way to document this unprecedented time, the exhibition will also create a new space where visitors are able to share their feelings and experiences of lockdown and become a part of the art, connecting strangers and creating a collective memory. Head to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry space today or check out the gallery’s website to find out more!

Adam Isfendiyar from the series, London in Lockdown.



Marion Flanagan, Windows as Political Protest (1, 2, 3) (Triptych of Postcards sent to Velorose from Highgate sequentially over three days in June 2020), Photographs Printed on Paper with Gesso, on Recycled Card, Unique, Not for Sale.


Postcards have always had the power to connect people and places, a fact perhaps never more significant than at this point in time, around the world. Wish You Were Here? The Power of the Postcard is Velorose’s first postcard exhibition, bringing together the 300 submissions received from its three lockdown Mail Art projects: ‘Elemental – Essential’, ‘Windows on the World (Inside Looking Out / Outside Looking In)’ and ‘The Mail Gays’.

Velorose celebrate the 60-year-old art movement known as Mail Art, which enables any and all to become an exhibiting artist by creating a postcard-sized artwork and sending it to the gallery. Wish You Were Here? invites all visitors – in person, and online – to share the physical and virtual space that the exhibition inhabits by submitting more postcard-sized creations inspired by Black History Month and the upcoming holiday season.

Send in your postcard submissions to the address below and contact the Gallery with any questions

1b Charterhouse Square

Wish You Were Here? The Power of the Postcard. Courtesy of Velorose.