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*ARTY | Hidden in Plain Site

Leyden Gallery

5 December - 4 January

Where has Leyden gone? as in Poe‘s letter in plain sight yet hidden.
The new concept of the *ARTY is brought to you by Leyden Gallery Hidden in the City of London, the *ARTY brings to attention a new experience in exhibiting and encountering art. Since leaving the Gallery space that was Leyden Gallery last September Leyden Gallery has become a hidden and nomadic gallery collaborating with artists and new (non-art) spaces in creating ARTY’s.

(The *ARTY is a variety of different art experiences appearing at different locations in and around the City of London over the course of the next year.)

December’s *ARTY marks the first of these bespoke curated *ARTy Party‘s For this celebratory 1st we are supporting emerging artists from some of our previous Platform for Emerging Arts exhibitions alongside a vibrant array of colourful art from the gallery’s own collection including a new acquisition by Ann Oram

Ann Oram
Victoria Coster
Jenna Harper
Juliana Matsumura
Kendra McNichols

*ARTY | Hidden
*a temporary arrangement of artworks, supported by a host of creative experiences, including ‘Meet the Artists’ who may appear to present their work and ideas; thematic workshops or life drawing accompanied by drinks; live music performed by classical musicians or contemporary performers; magic and unknown more.


Leyden Gallery Hidden @
Fazenda London
9 Harrow Place
E1 7DB

Event and private view


Launch of ARTY during Whitechapel Gallery First Thursdays

December Location

Leyden Gallery Hidden @
Fazenda London
9 Harrow Place
E1 7DB

Getting to: Leyden Gallery

Leyden Gallery appears in different locations every month.


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