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27 January - 25 February

A monumental collaborative group show in the heart of London, LUMA brings together art, design, architecture and music around AORA’s core tenets of calm and wellbeing. Presented by AORA in partnership with Kinrise and curated by Jenn Ellis, LUMA brings together the works of 20 international artists and designers in collaboration with eight leading global galleries and organisations.

Collectively, LUMA sheds light on the ebb and flow of structural pause and flux.

Artists: Benni Allan, Ana Benavides, Anna Blom, Alexandre Canonico, Jodie Carey, Laura Gannon, Beatrice Hasell-McCosh, Gregory Hodge, Mit Jai Inn, Yeni Mao, Zoë Marden, Adeline de Monseignat, David Murphy, Dawn Ng, Oren Pinhassi, Lucia Pizzani, Tim Ralston, Alexandra Searle, Ross Taylor, Andrea V Wright. 

Collaborators: Edel Assanti, Brooke Benington, Béton Brut, Kate MacGarry, Knotenpunkt Silverlens, Sullivan+Strumpf, Paterson Zevi Production and Exhibition Design: Apsara Studio, EBBA



49 East Road, N1 6AH

Late Opening:

5 – 7pm, Thursday 2nd Feb

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