1 June - 30 June

This exhibition of Francisco Ibáñez Hantke‘s ‘Non-Structures’ photographic series presents London – and cities in general – as a spectacle of constant conflict, negotiation and flux. Capturing key moments in the life of diverse buildings, the images reveal a condition of transience, trapped as these buildings and sites are between the boundaries of architecture and ruin, planning and chance, process and product. The term ‘Non-Structures’ alludes to anthropologist Marc Augé’s influential work ’Non-Places’; this boundary condition, defined by an absence of identity, has lent its name to the series and to the exhibition. This show is proud to be a part of this year’s London Festival of Architecture, at Velorose.

Using similar parameters of light, composition and scale, Ibáñez reveals these ‘non-structures’ to be frozen in a specific time and context, as dysfunctional devices that question collectively the processes of change and the impermanence of the city. From the demolition of iconic buildings such as Robin Hood Gardens to various transformations of anonymous buildings in London, Ibáñez’s photographs unveil the unexpected and sculptural morphology of these ‘non-structures’, while simultaneously documenting the constant tension that they set up with their context.

The medium of photography has become a tool for Ibáñez, a trained architect working in the field of urban regeneration – and for the viewers of his work – that allows reflection in a critical manner about how we collectively manage the evolution of our cities. Beyond visual documentation, this series of images initiates a dialogue concerned with what type of future we want for the places in which we live, work, and pass the time.

Furthermore, in staging this body of work as an exhibition, Ibáñez poses the question: Can these ‘non-structures’ be considered unintentional works of art?


1B Charterhouse Square

Nearest tube / overground: Barbican or Farringdon
Bus route: 4, 56, 153

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10am-5pm

Evening Private View


6pm to 9pm

Velorose is delighted that as part of this exhibition, Francisco Ibáñez Hantke (artist / photographer / architect) will be in conversation with David Rosenberg (director of the gallery / architect / urbanist / designer). Please join us for an investigation in to when and where structures become non-structures, buildings become sculpture, and photography shifts from visual documentation to critical urban tool.


Getting to: Velorose

Located at the corner of Carthusian Street and Charterhouse Square, just off Aldersgate Street. Literally around the corner from Barbican Tube Station.


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