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9/9a Leyden Street, London E1 7LE, United Kingdom

Leyden Gallery

Leyden Gallery is central to the cultural hub of the area, hosting regular community, performance and screening events. The gallery also offers a spacious and wonderful site for select private hire. Strategically situated between the Square Mile & Spitalfields, Leyden Gallery presents classic and traditional art shown alongside the work of contemporary artists. Aside from offering regular curated shows of new contemporary work from artists whom they represent, they also curate themed shows and exhibit collections of work from important artists and film – makers. Their Platform for Emerging Arts programme is a quarterly produced show, highlighting the work of some of the best emerging artists.

Leyden Gallery Hidden @
Fazenda London
9 Harrow Place
E1 7DB

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*ARTY | Hidden in Plain Site

The City

5 Dec - 4 Jan 2020

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Leyden Gallery appears in different locations every month.


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