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First Thursdays 1170×655 Bus Tour

Visiting a changing selection of art spaces, galleries and exhibitions across East London, each stop on the tour is introduced by an artist or curator.

The First Thursdays Art Bus Tour starts and ends at the Whitechapel Gallery and runs from 7–9pm.

Galleries for the March 2020 Art Bus Tour are The Art Pavilion,  Crane Kalman Brighton x Motel and Autograph.

Tickets: £12/£6 members

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Note: The bus leaves promptly at 7pm. Please arrive early if you would like to see the exhibitions and events at the Whitechapel Gallery. Townsend is open until 11pm.

Tickets cover the cost of running the Art Bus Tour.

Due to the popularity of tours, tickets sell out quickly. To be the first to hear about Art Bus Tours and First Thursdays news, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Please find our First Thursdays Walking Tour guide here.


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Whitechapel Gallery



The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park



Crane Kalman Brighton x Motel


Autograph ABP

Autograph ABP

Old Street

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GALLERY NEWS: Iwona Blazwick has announced that after twenty years as Whitechapel Gallery Director, she will be ste…

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