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Ways of Knowing: Imagining Other Futures

Ways of Knowing is a programme of art and ideas bringing us into dialogue with alternative ways of thinking about our relationship to the world. Through an emerging and inter-connected programme of live events and digital projects which centre otherwise peripheral knowledges, Ways of Knowing questions what we can know and how we can come to know it. 

The programme offers a spectrum of approaches to key themes that are essential to contemporary society, culture and politics. Through the programme, Whitechapel Gallery invites you to explore new ways of listening to and learning from ideas and environments in non-linear ways. 

Over time, the programme will identify emergent ideas and research, by asking questions and inviting new perspectives, projects and partners. Together we can question the knowledges we are privileging, consider what we are overlooking, and propose ways to multiply our centres. 




September – December 2021

Ways of Knowing expands on questions around clay posed by artist Theaster Gates to explore the political significance of geological matter. This season brings different perspectives to how we think about what exists beneath our feet.

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April – July 2021

This series of events invites artists and thinkers to investigate contemporary fluidities and new imaginations of water, at a moment when our human relationship to it is arguably at its most strained.

Online Projects

Important books

Important Books: Stanley Schtinter

May 2021 – May 2022

Updated weekly on Mondays over a year, Important Books presents the first comprehensive sonic history of the manifesto in art and politics, crucially read aloud by children – those who will shape the artistic, social and political realms in years to come.


ancestors of the blue moon: Himali Singh Soin


A series of texts by our Writer in Residence (2020-2021) on research into her namesake, the Himalayas, its animistic rituals and remedies, its mystical geometries, old new materialism and spirit realism.

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The Word for Water is Whale: Zadie Xa


The Word for Water is Whale explores the interconnectedness of memory, travel and knowledge transmission via deep listening required to further understand our world and those with whom we share it.