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    Midori Komachi at Undershaft. Photo © Midori Komachi

Launching to coincide with Nocturnal Creatures, Musicity × Sculpture in the City will enliven 10 sites from Aldgate to Shoreditch, with newly commissioned audio tracks, ranging from modern classical to globally inspired soundscapes, generously supported by Brookfield Properties. Musicity × Sculpture in the City allows visitors to experience architecture-inspired music and sound art in the very place that sparked its creation.

Once you are at one of the sites, you can listen to the track simply by using your own headphones and the web app here.

Please  note that all events must be booked in advance online, by visiting the Musicity x Sculpture in the City website. 


Musicity x Sculpture in the City Sites (launching 21 July) :

  1. St Botolph’s without Bishopsgate
  2. 99 Bishopsgate
  3. Bury Court
  4. Mitre Square
  5. Leadenhall Market
  6. Lime Street
  7. St Helen’s Square
  8. Undershaft
  9. Principal Place
  10. Aldgate Tower


Live Performances:


Musicity Live: Angèle David-Guillou, Silent Disco
7.30pm and 9pm
99 Bishopsgate, EC2M 3XD
London-based French composer Angèle David-Guillou makes audacious music that explores the interaction between rhythm and melody, structure and emotion, permanence and change. Writing for the piano, string and saxophone ensembles, voices and most recently the pipe organ, David-Guillou is particularly interested in how melodies create rhythm and structure. Book here.

Musicity Live: Midori Komachi
7pm and 8.30pm
Undershaft, EC3A 6HX
Midori Komachi is a violinist, writer and composer. She has performed as a soloist extensively throughout Europe and Japan, and has been featured on TV and Radio. She has collaborated with artists in various genres, and in 2017 she co- wrote the music for Maggie’s Centre’s LIFE Exhibition. Komachi’s 2018 compositions are featured on a release by the Nonclassical label. Book here.

Musicity Live: SuperCool-Guy feat. Fay Cannings
8pm and 9.30pm
Principal Place, EC2A 2BA
Fay Cannings has featured on lead vocals on a variety of tracks, with pop and 80s style sounds. SuperCool-Guy is a mysterious songwriter-producer. Inside Out is the duo’s second collaboration, after You (So Alive!), available for streaming on Soundcloud. Book here.

Musicity Live: Bambooman, Silent Disco
8.30pm and 10pm
Aldgate Tower, E1 8EP
Kirk Barley, also known as Bambooman, is one of the most sought after and distinctive voices in UK electronic music. His highly textural sound is formed from studio and field recordings and digital synthesis. Drawing influence from minimalist music, techno and hip-hop, he experiments with unusual time signatures and algorithmic composition to create a unique and compelling soundworld. Book here.

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