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Easter Project 2015

Led by curator Aziz Sohail, young people explored the works of artists Ghulam Mohammad and Shimul Saha.

Bart Lodewijks

Bart Lodewijks: White Li(n)es

Lodewijks’ new commission for London draws from workshops with local young people, where he found out about their relationships to the spaces around them.


Catherine Yass: Delicate Destruction

Workshop with Turner prize nominated Artist Catherine Yass and sound artist Bill Thomson investigating the creative potential of destruction.

Summer Project 2013: Peter Liversidge

With artist Peter Liversidge the group considered the boundaries between the possible and impossible in art making, exploring the roles of interpretation, negotiation and reception.

limehouse youth propj

Lily Keal at Limehouse Youth Centre

Using quotes from famous female figures such as Anne frank and Rosa Parks, the young people re-enacted the narratives behind the quotes and created fictional ones of their own.

whitechapel channel 1

Summer Project 2011: Whitechapel Channel 1

Whitechapel Channel 1 returns on Friday 26 August 2011 with four brand new TV programmes inspired by works in the Thomas Struth exhibition.

DSCF2646 copy

Lady Lucy: Whitechapel Gallery Portrait Studio

The artist Lady Lucy has taken an original organisational chart produced by the gallery, and has annotated, inserted, deleted and re-ordered its content resulting in portraits produced by people aged 16-19.

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