After twenty extraordinary years as Director of Whitechapel Gallery, Iwona Blazwick OBE stepped down in Spring 2022.

During her tenure, Iwona transformed Whitechapel Gallery – doubling its size and radically expanding its programming. Under her leadership, ground-breaking commissions, career-making solo exhibitions, international consortia, community-wide festivals and countless more projects left an indelible mark on the 21st century’s cultural landscape.

This remarkable portfolio is the outcome of Iwona’s unparalleled commitment to artists and their ambitions. She has taken bold leaps of faith to support artists’ visions, encouraging hundreds of creatives to experiment, to think, to question, to dare – and enabling millions to revel in the results.

To celebrate this legacy, we are establishing the Iwona Blazwick Artistic Ambition Fund. The fund will be used for projects that embody Iwona’s unwavering belief in creativity, and require extra resource to realise. It will ensure that Whitechapel Gallery remains a preeminent platform for artistic adventure for years to come.

In honour of Iwona Blazwick, we hope you will join us in taking a leap of faith on the artists of our future.

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Iwona Blazwick Artistic Ambition Fund

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