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Emily Jacir: Europa

30 Sep - 03 Jan 2016


Music for Museums

17 Sep - 29 Nov 2015

The first in a series of discussions on art and visual culture in the Middle East, exploring the possibilities of thinking beyond geography, towards multiple and new forms of representation. Speakers include Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi and Edward Macdonald-Toone. Chaired by Curator Omar Kholeif. Supported by The Barjeel Art Foundation.

Barjeel Art Foundation Collection: Imperfect Chronology

Debating Modernism I

08 Sep - 06 Dec 2015

Srdjan Keca, Museum of Revolution 4

Artists’ Film International: Autumn 2015

Lee Kai Chung, Srdjan Keca, Yama Rahimi, Diego Tonus, Piotr Wysocki & Dominik Jałowinski

30 Sep - 24 Jan 2016

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Harun Farocki

Parallel I-IV (2012-14)

15 Dec - 12 Jun 2016


Artists’ Film International

Rachel Maclean, Tor Jørgen van Eijk and Karin Sander

29 Jan - 29 May 2016

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Heather Phillipson

12 Feb - 17 Apr 2016

Past Exhibitions

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