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Pain Killers, Tranquilizers, Olive. View of the Elbe near the Bridge.
Dresden in Moonlight.

These are the first few lines in Norwegian artist Ida Ekblad‘s poem, This is the Night Mail, which accompanies her current exhibition of works drawn from the Christen Sveaas Art Foundation. The artist-curated display features over 70 works from 35 international artists, including the glowing planetary compositions of Anna Eva Bergman, the fables and fantasies of Theodor Kittelsen, psychologically-charged portraits by Edvard Munch and the nighttime terrors of Louise BourgeoisSophie CalleEdward RuschaRosemarie Trockel and more.

Emblematic of her selection and wider artistic practice, Ekblad has curated a playlist of songs to complement the exhibition. During your next visit to the Gallery, plug in your headphones to experience her nostalgic nod to 90s rave culture with touch points of house, dub, techno and jungle, now available on Spotify.

Portrait of Ida Ekblad, 2019. Courtesy of the artist and Peder Lund Gallery. Photo: Jakob Landvik.

Ida Ekblad (b. 1980, Norway) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Her artistic practice incorporates painting, sculpture, performance, filmmaking and poetry and transmits a distinct vibrancy and spontaneity, created through the energetic movement of her compositions, the bold application of colour and the attentive use of found materials. The forms and gestures found in her work derive from a wide variety of inspirations and art historical references such as CoBrA, Situationism and Abstract Expressionism, as well as pop cultural aesthetics like graffiti or cartoons, indicating Ekblad’s genre-crossing approach.

This playlist was originally commissioned by The Commuter Club, a lively platform of podcasts and articles geared towards London-based commuters. Listen to their recent Aldgate episode where Whitechapel Gallery Assistant Curator Candy Stobbs speaks about working with Ida Ekblad on her collection display. Supported by Aldgate Connect.