Artsadmin Programme

Whitechapel Gallery’s programme for Nocturnal Creatures is accompanied by a host of additional projects presented in association with Artsadmin and Sculpture in the City. Artsadmin presents
The Apocalypse Reading Room curated by artist Ama Josephine Budge, a sound and video installation by Umama Hamido  and Niqabi Ninja by Sara Shaarawi.



Umama Hamido 

Huna Wa Hunak (2021)
Film installation 

Shubbak Festival and Artsadmin co-present an installation of Umama Hamido’s recent works, including a new film made at the time of the October Revolution in Lebanon in 2019, reflecting on the feeling of being both here, and there. As well as writing developed over lockdown, through her work with the Cotton Tree Trust charity. 

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Ama Josephine Budge

The Apocalypse Reading Room (2021) 

The Apocalypse Reading Room transforms a public arts space into a post-apocalyptic library installation, filled with books for all ages, exploring ways to build, transform, rethink, rewrite and reimagine our futures. 

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Sara Shaarawi

Niqabi Ninja (2021)  

Part of Shubbak Festival, Niqabi Ninja by Sara Shaarawi is a graphic-novel style revenge story about one woman’s transformation into a Cairene vigilante, as she attempts to right the wrongs of the male violence she sees all around her. 

Combining street artwork, audio-story performance and a walk through your city, you are invited to immerse yourselves in Hana’s world. 

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