Amalia Pica

A∩B∩C∩A∩B∩C, a reading

  • Amalia Pica, Intersections

    Amalia Pica, Intersections #2, 2013, Ilford silver bromide fibre based print, Courtesy Herald St, London

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  • Amalia Pica, Intersections

Past Event

This event was on Thursday 19 March, 7pm

The artist’s new immersive event centres on a projection of a film by Rafael Ortega, with actors narrating an abstract language of sounds, conceived by Pica.  The  film depicts a performance of Pica’s work A ∩ B ∩ C: a constellation of different configurations and intersections of shape and colour.  The performance continues the process of layering from the original work: from object, to performance, to film, returning again to performance.

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