Anders Kreuger: The Secret of Permanent Creation

  • Research in Dynamics and Comparative Statics, Robert Filliou, 1972-73

    Research in Dynamics and Comparative Statics, Robert Filliou, 1972-73. Image credit: M HKA, Courtesy Stiftung Maria und Walter Schnepel, Budapest

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This event was on Sun 9 Sep, 2pm – 3.30pm

‘The absolute secret of permanent creation: not deciding, not choosing, not wanting, not owning, aware of self, wide awake. SITTING QUIETLY DOING NOTHING.’ Robert Filliou

M KHA’s Senior Curator Anders Kreuger discusses and introduces works and ideas of French poet, playwright, artist and thinker Robert Filliou (1926–87), a key figure of experimental art in the second half of the twentieth century.

Kreuger is the editor of Robert Filliou: The Secret of Permanent Creation, which was published as a catalogue or meta-book for the recent Filliou retrospective at M HKA, the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp.

The book is based on the transcript of an extensive conversation between the French artist and the Brussels-based art critic Irmeline Lebeer, recorded on seven cassette tapes in Flayosc, southern France, in August 1976. The text is structured as an abécédaire and touches on a variety of topics to do with Filliou’s art and thinking, from amitié (friendship) to zen. It was supposed to become an extensive monograph but was never published. The transcript gives today’s reader direct insight into the mind and the practice of this extraordinary artist, whose influence on subsequent generations cannot be overestimated.

About Anders Kreuger

Anders Kreuger is Senior Curator at M HKA in Antwerp, one of the editors of the London-based art journal Afterall and a member of the Advisory Board for Kohta, a new private kunsthalle in Helsinki. Kreuger was previously Director of the Malmö Art Academy and Exhibitions Curator at Lunds konsthall, in his native Sweden, and a member of the Programme Team for the European Kunsthalle in Cologne. A frequent contributor to Afterall, Kreuger has also published numerous catalogue essays and other texts.



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