Annik Leroy: The European Edge

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    Annik Leroy, TREMOR, 2017, 16mm, b&w, 92′

Past Event

This event was on Sat 23 Nov, 11.30am-6pm


Belgian artist Annik Leroy introduces her three remarkable 16mm feature essay films on Berlin in the late 1970s, the presence and poetics of the Danube and the constant psychic challenge of permanent conflict. She will be in conversation with film-makers Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin during the day.

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11.15 Doors
11.30 Introduction
11.45 In der Dämmerstunde Berlin de l’aube à la nuit

“With this film I try to retrace my journey, my story through the ruins, neighbourhoods, and streets of Berlin. I filmed the dialogue that took place between the city and myself, the wanderings in the old neighbourhoods (Moabit, Kreuzberg, Wedding), places where you can still find most of the traces of the past, or rather what’s left of them.” (AL)

13.00 Lunch
13.45 Vers la Mer

Vers la mer is a documentary about and inspired by the Danube, the river of Mitteleuropa. The Danube, the only river of our continent that connects so many people as such a confusing mix. It is the route that links the West to the East, a myth as much as a reality, an epic towards the sea. A presence so strong, so dazzling, that it freezes the gaze and brings us back to a certain humility. A film that wants to situate itself between poetic reverie, historical and contemporary reality, encounters with those who live along the shores of the river. Will the river be the symbol of something else than itself?” (AL)

15.15 Discussion
16.00 Break
16.30 TREMOR – Es ist immer Krieg

Es ist immer Krieg is the subtitle of TREMOR. Four words. An extremely short sentence from Malina by Ingeborg Bachmann, which evokes many interpretations. But for me, they stand for inner conflict and not being able to reconcile with the wars of the past or present. There are no images recorded in conflicts here, because it’s up to me to create my own images. All fascist powers interpellate me; they challenge me, and ensure that I cannot be irresponsible.” (AL)


Thanks to Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin, Amos Levin and Courtisane Festival

Part of Not Just Me but You Too: Cinemas of Sisterhood, April 2019 – March 2020.

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About Annik Leroy

Annik Leroy (1952, Belgium) is a cinematographer and director. She is best known for her feature films Berlin – de L’aube à la nuit (1981) and Vers la mer (1999). Somewhere between speculation and reality, her installation and meditative films explore the dark areas of European history.