Artist-led workshops for schools

Led by Immersive Designers

  • Virtual Reality View of Touchable, STORE After School Club

    Courtesy Alex Anderson and Paula Strunden

Past Event

This event was on Tues 16 Jul  – Thu 19 Jul 2019

Full day workshop series, suitable for Key Stage 4 & 5

Explore myth, symbolism and the significance of objects and monuments through virtual reality technology and the physical creation of sculptural objects.

This workshop series will investigate the creative applications of mixed reality (MR) technologies. MR is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualisations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

Immersive designers Alex Anderson and Paula Strunden will collaborate with students to explore this interrelationship of craft and the digital to investigate the summer exhibition of works by Michael Rakowitz.

Free, booking required

Email to register your interest. You can book students for one full day or a series of days.

About Alex Anderson and Paula Strunden

Alex Anderson and Paula Strunden are immersive designers. Their work, ranging from 360 film-making to location-based Virtual Reality, is continuously exploring the imaginary potential of spatial design at the intersection of Virtual Reality and Craft. Together, they’ve taught various VR & AR workshops with London Schools as part of the collective Store Projects and the Summer School Programme at University College London.

Supported by Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service