Broadmead: The Movie

with Stanley Donwood, Mat Consume, John Matthias and Jay Auborn

  • broadmead frame 4

    Stanley Donwood and Mat Consume, Broadmead: The Movie (still), (2016). Courtesy: Stanley Donwood.

Past Event

This event was on Thu 19 Oct, 7pm

Evoking a nostalgic time when the UK Government was investing in the NHS, funding new Universities, developing rail systems and allowing public ownership of city centres, Broadmead: The Movie is far more than a short film about a Bristol shopping centre. Somewhat elegiac, where the soaring flight of a seagull or the sad flapping of a discarded plastic bag conveys a sort of bleak beauty, the film is a series of ‘moving photographs’ with cinematography by Mat Consume and narrated by Stanley Donwood. Accompanying the mournful, deadpan narration is a beautifully sad score written and performed by John Matthias and Jay Auborn; with titles named for the chain stores of Broadmead.

The film creates a concrete ghostscape of Debenhams and John Lewis that reminds us of a future we once had, now sold.

Created by Radiohead Artist Stanley Donwood in collaboration with Mat Consume and musicians John Matthias and Jay Auborn.

About Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood is the pseudonym of Dan Rickwood (1968, Essex, England). He is known mainly for his collaboration with the rock band Radiohead and their frontman Thom Yorke. Donwood studied at the University of Exeter, where he met and became good friends with Thom Yorke. Since the mid-nineties, he has been designing the album covers and posters for Radiohead and for Yorke’s solo projects, and has thus created the visual identity of the world-famous musicians. Besides these designs, Donwood also makes many cheerful-looking illustrations with socio-political messages, and autonomous work that conjures up open spaces and desolate landscapes. Alongside his work as an artist, Donwood writes and publishes books of short stories, including Humor (2014), and he blogs about everything he is doing on his own site.

About Mat Consume

Mat Consume is an artist and designer working in multiple medias including 60+ lps, cds, & 12″s, videos and VJing. He was a founder member of ‘No Future’ in Brighton/Berlin during the 90’s. After losing his hearing, he began working in short film and animated action and was also a founder member of Plastic reality / Plastic pictures but has since parted company. He knows the real name of Banksy.

About John Matthias

John Matthias is a musician and composer who has released five albums via Accidental, Ninja Tune, Nonclassical and Village Green. He has collaborated with many artists including Radiohead and Coldcut and has had his music remixed by many artists including Thom Yorke, Matthew Herbert and Prince Jammy. In 2008 he won the UK PRS Foundation New Music Award (The ‘Turner Prize’ for music) with Jane Grant and Nick Ryan for the development of a huge sonic installation based on a mathematical model of the human cerebral cortex entitled The Fragmented Orchestra. He has contributed music to several feature films including The Hamburg Cell (Edinburgh International Film Festival), Three degrees colder (Locarno Film Festival), The Domino Effect (Netherlands Film Festival), Pelican Blood (Edinburgh International Film Festival) and Poorboy (Tribeca Film Festival), written scores for short films Out of Time (Cannes straight-8 2009) and Henry Cowell (Rushes Soho shorts festival) and theme music for the BBC TV drama The Village (2013). He has a Ph.D in Theoretical Physics from Exeter University, UK.

About Jay Auborn

Jay Auborn is a producer and musician based in south west England. His new album Race to Zero marks his debut for Village Green records, and the continuation of a creative partnership with John Matthias. Recent work includes sound design and music to accompany an exhibition of Gerhard Richter paintings for Artist rooms, scoring and producing music for Stanley Donwood’s and Mat Consume’s film Broadmead – The Movie  and Robert Scott Wilde’s film Poorboy which was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival 2016. He is  currently based in Bristol, England at dBs Music where he works as in-house producer.


7pm Broadmead: The Movie

7.50pm Q&A with Stanley Donwood, Mat Consume, John Matthias and Jay Auborn

8.30pm Live Music performance by John Matthias and Jay Auborn