Chiara Ambrosio

The Ghost Frequency

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Past Event

This event was on 8 Jan 2015

The world premiere of this haunting documentary exploring the half-populated, half-ruined village of Verbicaro in Calabria, southern Italy.

With a live set by the film’s composer Bird Radio and artist’s Q&A.

The Ghost Frequency (La Frequenza Fantasma) tells the story of a place suspended in time and space, where the memory of a mythical past and the present are inextricably intertwined. It is an investigation into the nature of collective and personal history, into the origin and preservation of memory. It is the story of the relationship between animate and inanimate matter, and of how this relationship turns into the motor and purpose of existence- a search for the sacred patterns of the quotidian within the rhythms of nature.

Chiara Ambrosio is a filmmaker working with animation, experimental film, documentary and sound to explore the ways in which we perceive, remember, articulate and preserve personal and collective histories and place through the filter of memory and the imagination. Chiara is also the founder and curator of The Light & Shadow Salon, a monthly film night at The Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury.

Bird Radio is multi-instrumentalist Mikey Kirkpatrick, who performs and records original songs using vocals, guitars, flutes, loops, effects and a suitcase bass drum. Bird Radio draws from primordial folk, blues and ritualistic sound to create powerful songs that combine the ancient art of storytelling with rousing and hypnotic beats and rhythms.