The Bad Sister

With Laura Mulvey and Diane Tammes 'In Conversation'

  • Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen, The Bad Sister, 1983, 90 minutes.

    Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen, The Bad Sister, 1983, 90 minutes.

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This event was on Thu 19 May, 7–9pm

An ‘In Conversation’ with Laura Mulvey and BAFTA award-winning cinematographer and director Diane Tammes followed by a screening of Mulvey and  Wollen’s final collaborative feature, The Bad Sister (1983).

Shot on videotape for Channel 4, The Bad Sister is a complex and fragmentary adaptation of Emma Tennant’s novel of the same name. Here Mulvey and Wollen return to some of the concerns that occupied them in Riddles of the Sphinx (1977), offering them a very different treatment. The film also sees them collaborate once again with Tammes, with whom they worked on many of their joint works.


About Diane Tammes

Diane Tammes is a BAFTA award-winning cinematographer and director. She graduated from the National Film School as the first trained woman cinematographer to be accredited by the Union, the ACTT, and subsequently worked with Mulvey and Wollen on many of their collaborative works. She has worked extensively in Documentary television. Some of her directed and shot films include: Homeless: Six Cities, Six Stories, Six Lives (2002); Edge of Madness (1996); Rottenrow (1994); and Limehouse Doctor (1993); two series of Artists at Work (6) for Jeremy Isaacs Productions; for Granada, Disappearing World; with Brian Moser, Some Women of Marrakech and Ashanti Women; for Channel 4, Cutting Edge; for Peter More, Casualties – Homerton Hospital (winner of the Bafta Award For Best Cinematography 1992). She is also a Fellow of the National Geographic Society and the Royal College of Art.

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