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Reading and Revelation 2

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Past Event

This event was on Sat 8 Sep, 2pm – 4pm

Copy Press Reader’s Union seeks common spaces for readers and writers to delve into the possibilities and limitations of coming together in our contemporary society. Here, Cecile Malaspina is joined by invited participants in a shared discussion about the ‘Common Intellect’.

With shared ideas from:
Julian Lass
Jaspar Joseph-Lester
Yvette Greslé
Cherry Smyth
Chris Fite-Wassilak
and introduction by Yve Lomax

About Copy Press

Copy Press is an independent publishing company, dedicated to extending ideas of writing, pictures and readability. Currently publishing Common Intellectual, a series of 100-page paperbacks that make propositions for living, thinking and enjoyment; and Paraclete, a range of titles addressing what can today be made of advocation.

Cecile Malaspina’s forthcoming book for the Copy Press Paraclete series will be available 2019


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