Creative Careers Week

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    Creative Careers, 2019. Photo: Rob Harris.

Past Event

This event was on Mon 25 Oct – Fri 29 Oct


Join us for a week of workshops, talks and events exploring creative careers in the arts. Delve into sessions with Whitechapel Gallery staff, artists and practitioners from across the creative sector, and learn about the different roles available, build your skills and experience and imagine what your creative future could look like.

This free event is open to young people aged 15-24 who are based in London. Spaces are limited and booking for each session is required. Please email Amelia Oakley, Curator: Youth Programmes, on with any questions.

Day 1: Book Now
Monday 25 October, 1.30pm-5pm

Day one of our Creative Careers Week is all about asking the question: ‘What are Creative Careers?’. Join inspiring workshops and get to know Whitechapel Gallery staff.

Day 2: Book Now
Tuesday 26 October, 10:30am-4pm

Focus in on Curation and Working in Galleries through sessions with former Whitechapel Gallery Director Iwona Blazwick and the Gallery’s Exhibitions team.

Day 3: Book Now
Wednesday 27 October, 10:30am-4pm

Explore the work of Whitechapel Gallery’s Community Programme and take part in a session about building career skills and experience.

An evening Zoom event then offers the opportunity to speak with Jakhya Rahman-Corey, Director of the Swarovski Foundation, to discuss the role of creativity in building a sustainable future.

Day 4: Book Now
Thursday 28 October, 10:30am-4pm

Through workshops and talks, day four is a chance to consider different approaches to working in the creative sector.

Then join a panel discussion on Zoom to hear from various industry leaders on discovering their own career paths.

Day 5: Book Now
Friday 29 October, 10:30am-4pm:

Spend time exploring and imagining your creative future with artists from bare minimum collective.