Curator’s Tour: Leonor Antunes

  • Leonor Antunes_detail

    Random intersection, 2017 [detail] Horse hair and human hair. Mary, 2017 [detail] Brass. Photo: Nick Ash

Past Event

This event was on Thu 22 Feb, 6.30pm

Drawing on histories of design and architecture Chief Curator Lydia Yee leads a tour of the newly commissioned installation by Leonor Antunes.

Installation view of Leonor Antunes: the last days in Chimalistac, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, 2013.

Leonor Antunes: the frisson of the togetherness

3 Oct 2017 – 9 Apr 2018

Straight lines and flat planes morph into looping and twisting volumes and sculptural reliefs in the new commission by Leonor Antunes.