Felix Melia: Table Read

  • Felix Melia Table Read

    Courtesy the artist

Past Event

This event was on Thu 11 Aug, 7pm

As Writer in Residence, Felix Melia has focused on performance-based and written research for a project with the working title, Ozu’s Arsehole, undertaken offsite and through a series of events.

Melia has created a framework in which these events are not only a means of presenting research, but serve as the space for conducting it.  With each event, Melia has developed an as yet unrealized film, exploring the rituals and common languages we use to communicate our emotions, and the physical, spatial and virtual conduits we use to engage with one another.

In this culminating event Melia presents a live dramatized table-read of the script for Ozu’s Arsehole to initiate the production of the film in a public setting, starting a process of realisation that aims to maintain the unsettling and fragmentary atmosphere upheld during the film’s development.

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About Felix Melia

London-based artist Felix Melia is Whitechapel Gallery’s Writer in Residence until August 2016.

Using video, text and installation, Melia examines the conflict between our first-hand experiences and the narratives we use to represent them. Over a series of events Melia explores how changes in a virtually-inclined world impact on our bodies and the places we live; reflecting on the relationship between physical  and social movement, the abstraction of self and the shifting nature of representation.