Iraqi Feast with Michael Rakowitz and Philip Juma

  • Credit Jade Nina Sarkhel-20

    Image courtesy Philip Juma.  Photo: Jade Nina Sarkhel

Past Event

This event was on Fri 26 Jul 2019

For one night only The Whitechapel Refectory is hosting an Iraqi Feast with artist Michael Rakowitz and chef Philip Juma of Juma Kitchen. This special event coincides with the exhibition Michael Rakowitz, the Fourth Plinth Commission and the launch of a new cookbook A House with a Date Palm Will Never Starve published in June 2019 by Plinth and bringing together more than 40 chef recipes.

First Sitting: 6pm – 8pm
Second Sitting: 8.15pm – 10.15pm (Fully booked)

Ticket includes food + special access to the exhibition. Drinks not included.

Please note that the menu may contain allergens such as nuts, shellfish, gluten, dairy and egg. Due to the nature of the event we are unable to accommodate specific allergen requests, however a vegan option is available – please specify vegan/non-vegan on booking.

For enquiries please contact: