Marcia Farquhar: The Dogs’ Bolex

  • web crop courtesy the artist

    Courtesy of the artist

Past Event

This event was on Thu 12 September, 7-9pm

Multi media artist Marcia Farquhar will introduce The Dogs’ Bolex (2018), an ambitious new series of short videos she commissioned in collaboration with 16 artist filmmakers, listed here in their running order:

Benedict Drew, Katherine Araniello, Larry Achiampong, Victoria Harwood & Lucy Newman, Ben Rivers, Gina Birch, Miyako Narita, Tracy Drew, Reynir Hutber, John Smith, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Denna Cartamkhoob, Paul Kelly, Ruth Maclennan, Tom Chick and Tony Grisoni.

The Dog’s Bolex was developed by the artist following the 10th anniversary of her critically acclaimed 12 Shooters project from 2007, and is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Live Art Development Agency’s inaugural Art Hole Artists Award.

Part of Not Just Me but You Too: Cinemas of Sisterhood, April 2019 – March 2020.

This year-long season of films, entirely by women and gender non-binary filmmakers, covers artists’ and experimental film, documentary and essay film, alongside filmmaker appearances, readings, discussion and guest speakers. Expect programmes dedicated to particular makers, themed programmes with contemporary artists and celebrations of key feminist thinkers, all in dialogue with Pages Cheshire Street, a new independent bookshop dedicated to women and non-binary writers.

About Marcia Farquhar

Marcia Farquhar’s work in performance, installation, video and object-making is conceptual in nature. Much of her practice revolves around the stories and interactions of everyday life, as well as the engineering of unexpected social interactions in which the distance between audience and performer is frequently breached. Site-specific events have been staged and exhibited internationally in museums and galleries, as well as in cinemas, kitchen showrooms, pubs, parks and leisure centres. Among her not so recent works are the 30-hour live-in performance The Omnibus at the NRLA, Glasgow (2010). In 2013 she performed at the Venice Biennale 55, at PSI Palo Alto California and at UCL, London. In 2014 she appeared in her solo show of new performance, sculpture, audio and video work, Larger than Life, at Grand Union, Birmingham. A comprehensive show of old and new work, Diffikult, took place in the autumn of 2018 at CGP London and included The Dog’s Bolex,