Nocturnal Creatures: AGOSTINO

  • Agostino_Still frame from Tecnopizzica (2022)

    Agostino Quaranta, Tecnopizzica, 2022, Image Still. Courtesy of the artist

Past Event

This event was on Sat 23 July, 6 - 8pm

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DJ Set

London based visual artist, DJ, and music producer AGOSTINO (Agostino Quaranta) kicks off the festival at the gallery with experimental club tunes fused with a personal take on South Italy’s local sounds. His most recent work is Turbo Sud Lab, a pop-up audio-visual laboratory shown at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2022, unearthing the re-manufacturing process behind Puglia’s traditional music Pizzica Pizzica and the forgotten story from the early ’90s of its electronic counterpart Tecnopizzica. 


AGOSTINO is an alias of London based visual artist, DJ, and music producer Agostino Quaranta. His work is oriented in making site-specific installations, cultivating a mixed media and research-based practice with a search for the vernacular. In 2018, he started Turbo Sud, a research-based project aiming to document the contemporary and traditional music scenes of Southern Italy. After an artist residency in 2019, his pop-up exhibition Turbo Sud Lab at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2022 explored imaginary and factual memories about Pizzica pizzica’s revival and the micro-history of Tecnopizzica. The work questions notions of authenticity and authorship while unearthing the story of Puglia’s traditional music style and the forgotten attempt to computerise this sound in the early ’90s. Agostino has recorded shows for radios including NTS, Ma3azef, and Foundation FM and performed at electronic music festivals in Italy.