Nocturnal Creatures: Jennie Moran

  • Photo by Tom Flanagan_Shelter_Jennie Moran

    Jennie Moran, Shelter, Courtesy of Tom Flanagan

Past Event

This event was on Sat 23 July, 6 - 10.30pm

Access Information

Performance, Installation and Music

Enter quickly for I am afraid of my happiness                                                                                                          Jacques Derrida 

Artist Jennie Moran, resident in Artsadmin’s café for the autumn to explore themes of hospitality and reciprocity, will initiate the collaboration with a provocation from outside the house in Mallon Gardens.  An informal temporary structure made with translucent peach polythene sheeting, illuminated from within so as to appear inviting to nocturnal creatures. 

Visitors will be admitted at regular intervals throughout the night and brought through a series of actions. Shoes are removed and replaced with bubble wrap slippers. A reassuring snack is offered but passed around by guests to one another. The guests are invited to lie on the hay and listen to a welcome meditation. A new repast is offered, this time a drink, designed to provoke movement (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Music is introduced. A change in lighting. Music is intensified. Visitors dance together and feel catharsis. Another refreshing offering to say thank you for coming and changing the way the place feels.    

Artsadmin’s bar will be open throughout the evening.