Performance and Politics in the 1970s

  • Anne Bean, Imposters (1973)

Past Event

This event was on Sat 30 May, 11.30–7pm

A day of screenings, conversations and presentations which explore, recover and communicate the history of performance art in London and the UK in the 1970s. Particular focus is given to the social and political environments in which experimental performance art emerged in the ‘70s. The event involves artists and arts organisations active at the time, as well as those making and facilitating work in the wake of these pioneers.

The day includes a screening of William Raban’s film 72-82 (a history of art and performance at Acme Gallery, London), followed by a panel discussion with William Raban, Professor of Film at London College of Communication, Heike Roms, Professor in Performance Studies at Aberystwyth University, and curator Rob La Frenais ; an in conversation with Hilary Westlake and David Gale; presentation, lectures and performances by Naseem Khan, Anne Bean, and Marcia Farquhar; with a keynote by Carolyn Steedman.

This event forms part of a larger research project on performance and politics in the 1970s, undertaken by the Department of Drama, Queen Mary University of London.This larger project also includes two month-long artist residencies at major arts organisations in East London. Anne Bean will be based in the Foyle Reading Room at Whitechapel Gallery, her resulting installation, Holding Infinity in the Palm of your Hand, will be on view from 29 May – 12 June, 2015. Marcia Farquhar will be based in the Archive at Acme Studios.

Both residences are hosted in collaboration with the Department of Drama at Queen Mary University of London, the Live Art Development Agency and Matt’s Gallery, and funded by Queen Mary University of London.

Formerly taking place over a weekend, this event will now be one day.

In collaboration with Dominic Johnson and Nicholas Ridout, Department of Drama, Queen Mary University of London.
Further Information

11.30am Introduction by Dominic Johnson and Nicholas Ridout

11.40am Screening of 72-82 (dir. William Raban, 63 mins, 2014)

12.45pm Panel discussion with William Raban, Heike Roms and Rob La Frenais, chaired by Dominic Johnson

1.30pm Break

2.15pm ‘What Remains’, lecture by Carolyn Steedman, chaired by Nicholas Ridout

3.15pm Hilary Westlake and David Gale in conversation, chaired by Nicholas Ridout

4pm Presentation by Naseem Khan,chaired by Eleanor Roberts

4.40pm Break

5pm Presentation by Anne Bean

6pm  Performance by Marcia Farquhar

7pm  End

72-82 tells the story of the first ten years of Acme Studios and their ground-breaking work providing artists’ housing and studios in London.  It also features some of the pioneering exhibitions at the Acme Gallery that was based in Covent Garden from 1976-81.  The film comprises visual archive materials brought to life by the voices of artists involved. 72-82 by William Raban, was commissioned by Acme Studios as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations and features Kevin Atherton, Bobby Baker, Anne Bean, Stuart Brisley, Richard Cork, David Critchley, Richard Deacon, Fergus Early, Ron Haselden, Charles Hayward, Jacky Lansley, Jock McFadyen, Ken McMullen, Sandy Nairne, Simon Read, Claire Smith, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Anthony Whishaw, Alison Wilding, Richard Wilson and Bill Woodrow.

Image credit

Anne Bean, Imposters (1973), action with Natasha Lawrence and Malcolm Jones in reaction to the East London Exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, London. Photo: Martin Von Haselberg.