Postcards from the Diaspora

Facilitated by Rakiya Abdulahi, Afi Hussen and Asma Kabadeh

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    Produced by young Somali people with Sabjit Natt and Hafsa Yusuf for the Numbi archive: Coming Here, Being Here

Past Event

This event was on Thu 2 April, 6:30pm


Watering the Imagination

This session is based around Diriye Osman’s Fairytales for Lost Children (2013), a raw collection of short stories about the queer Somali experience. Participants are invited to read a section of the text and reflect on what it means to use history as a tool for forging our own futures.

This event is free, booking is required.

Please email to book.

Whitechapel Gallery x NUMBI: Postcards from the Diaspora

A series of readings and workshops curated with Kinsi Abdulleh, artist and co-director of NUMBI, a Somali-originated African-centred arts and heritage organisation. Sessions are led by black womxn and gender non-conforming artists, writers and thinkers engaging with language, decolonisation, intersectionality and diasporic thinking.

People of all genders, sexualities, religions and ethnicity are welcome. Tea and soft drinks will be served.

Texts are provided in advance, with large-print versions available. A sound recording of each text is available upon request. If you have questions about access and inclusivity during these events, contact us on

About Rakiya Abdulahi

Rakiya Abdulahi is a DJ and facilitates workshops with The NOMAD Project.

About Afi Hussen

Afi Hussen is a dancer within the underground London ballroom scene.

About Asma Kabadeh

Asma Kabadeh is an arts & community producer and researcher at Numbi.

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