Queering the Gallery: Trans Voices

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    Photo Credits: Damien Griffiths

Past Event

This event was on 14 July | 7.00pm - 9.30pm


Join us for a queering of Whitechapel Gallery in response to our current exhibition We Get To Choose Our Families. By channelling Queer Joy as an act of resistance Trans Voices will undertake a vocal healing of Whitechapel Gallery. Through an improvised site responsive performance Trans Voices will roam the gallery using the resonance of their voices to take up and hold space for trans and gender non-conforming bodies.

Then, from 8.15pm, DJ, writer, and creator of QTIBPOC sober club night Misery, Aisha Mirza will take over our Creative Studio, fusing together Bollywood samples, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Baile funk, field recordings, diary entries and pop songs you didn’t think you knew the words to.

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We Get to Choose Our Families

Organised by trans and non-binary curators this exhibition explores the idea of chosen families in response to the oppression faced by LGBTQAI+ communities.