Sote, Mary Hurrell and IlSantoBevitore

Whitechapel Gallery Presents 06.

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    auto-satin 2020, digital collage, Courtesy of the Artist Mary Hurrell

Past Event

This event was on Fri 3 Apr, 8pm – 1am

The latest in a series of sound and performance nights features performances by London based percussionist IlSantoBevitore (Nicola Serra) and interdisciplinary artist Mary Hurrell.

About Mary Hurrell

Mary Hurrell is an interdisciplinary artist working across sound, performance and sculpture; exploring forms of language and movement in relation to physical and psychological experience. For Whitechapel Gallery presents she will perform a solo set of digital sound collage.

Recent performances and exhibitions include; UNDEX at Jupiter Rising Festival, Edinburgh (2019); Cafe OTO, London (2019); Movement Study 6 (Maxxinna), The Bower, London, (2018); ちょう¬, Yamakiwa Gallery, Japan (2018); mappings trilogy 3 (OXIORCAD), Flat Time House, 2 (AERIAL), Kunstraum, London and 1(Pitch), organised by Fluent at Centro Botin, Spain (2018); StereoSkin, Herdubreid Biosal, Iceland (2017); Movement Study 5 (Pearlex), David Roberts Art Foundation, London (2016); EROTIC MECHANICS, 10 Martello Street, London, (2016).

About IlSantoBevitore

IlSantoBevitore is the solo project of Nicola Serra, a Sardinian Londoner and ambient conceptualist. His work is an ongoing musical and ethnographic research which covers folklore and pagan mysteries and it is dedicated both sonically and conceptually to ancestral themes from Sardinia Island, his homeland. He’s also known for being the curator of Dronica Festival, Ritualtronics and Trials & Errors.


Whitechapel Gallery Presents is a regular and dynamic series of sound and performance events focusing on experimental process and presentation. The event has featured internationally renowned artists and musicians such as Lucrecia Dalt, David Blamey, Charles Hayward, Loraine James, Terry Edwards, Mondkopf, Tom White and Kate Carr.


Supported by SPLIT MUSIC