Strange Attractor Press Presents: Sonic Spectres, Fatal Magics

Tai Shani, Kristen Gallerneaux and Bridget Crone

  • eAllison Katz, Heaty, 2017 (cover painting for Tai Shani

    Allison Katz, Heaty (detail), 2017 (cover painting for Tai Shani’s Our Fatal Magic, 2019)

Past Event

This event was on Sun 8 Sep, 12-2pm

Reading & Talk

Turner Prize nominated artist Tai Shani discusses her new book Our Fatal Magic (2019) with Bridget Crone as part of a showcase by Strange Attractor Press. Writer, folklorist and artist Kristen Gallerneaux will also present a new performance lecture exploring recorded voice as contagion, and editors Mark Pilkington and Jamie Sutcliffe will discuss Strange Attractor’s curious editorial approach.

In association with Strange Attractor Press.

Celebrating unpopular culture since 2001, Strange Attractor Press is dedicated to publishing books from the outer edge, documenting lost, neglected, emerging and underground currents from areas including anthropology, psychology, science and magic, natural history, literature, sound and music, film and the visual arts.

This event is part of the London Art Book Fair, for more information and to see rest of the events click here.