Summer Project 2011: Whitechapel Channel 1

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Past Event

This event was on 15 August - 26 August 2011

Whitechapel Channel 1 returns on Friday 26 August 2011 with four brand new TV programmes inspired by works in the Thomas Struth exhibition, The Switch, WCN, The Austel Show and David Ratennborough’s Guide to Humans.

The Switch sees two families explore the works in the Thomas Struth exhibition. There will be international news updates from WCN, Whitechapel Channel 1’s news programme. Austel Codrington will be speaking to two families from different parts of the globe on The Austel Show. This week we will also be screening a special episode of David Ratennbrough’s Guide to Humans which will look at human behaviour in art galleries.

Whitechapel Channel 1 is a project for young people at Whitechapel Gallery. Over the summer young people have worked with artists Paul Crook and Tug Rail to produce a series of live web screenings relating to their experiences of the Thomas Struth exhibition.

See the project blog here.

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