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Independent Publishers

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Past Event

This event was on 6 – 9 Sep 2018

A shared table for invited artists and independent publishers. Each publisher shares the table with another for 2 – 3 hour time slots throughout the duration of the book fair.

Publishers include:

AND, Behind the X, Chelsea Space, Common Books, Copy Press, Flat Time House, Clare Gasson, Independents United, Keep it Complex, LCBA, Sara Mackillop, Mörel Books, Oh, OOMK, PrintRoom, Publication Studio, Setsuko, Test Centre, The Everyday Press, We are Publication.

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Table Share Schedule

Thursday 6 September

6pm                 Publication Studio, AND
Launch of Two Augusts in a Row, In a Row, with reading by Shelley Marlow

7.30pm            Sara Mackillop, Setsuko


Friday 7 September

11am               Common Books, PrintRoom

2pm                 Mörel Books, LCBA

4pm                 Flat Time House, The Everyday Press


Saturday 8 September

11am               Behind the X, Keep it Complex

2pm                 We are Publication, Oh

4pm                 Copy Press, Chelsea Space


Sunday 9 September

12pm               OOMK, Independents United

2pm                 Clare Gasson, Test Centre
Performance by Clare Gasson

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