Technologies of Romance

  • Whitechapel Gallery - Technologies of Romance Event

Past Event

This event was on Sun 5 Mar 2017, 1.45–6pm

This half-day Sunday symposium has been convened to launch ‘Technologies of Romance’, a new book written by artist, writer and lecturer Paul O’Kane, and published by eeodo.

This event brings together leading academics, feminist film theorist Sophie Mayer, and renowned feminist filmmaker Kim Longinotto, to explore film as a particular historical technology and cultural agency influencing our understanding of narrative, romance and Romanticism.

Speakers, also including Professor Howard Caygill, Dr. Maria Walsh and Dr. Paul O’Kane, will bring their various specialisms and personal perspectives to bear on the title’s theme, providing specially written papers, illustrated with film clips, all followed by a promising plenary session.

Curated by eeodo; funded by Arts Council England, and supported by UAL.

About Howard Caygill

Howard Caygill is a renowned thinker, writer and lecturer on History and Philosophy. He is Professor Of Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University and has published the following books:  A Kant Dictionary (1995), Introducing Walter Benjamin (1994), Levinas and The Political (2001), On Resistance (2013), Walter Benjamin and the Colour of Experience (1998) Howard is currently preparing a new publication, Kafka In The Light Of The Accident (2017).

About Kim Longinotto

Kim Longinotto is an internationally renowned British documentary filmmaker making films that highlight the plight of female victims of oppression or discrimination. She has received a number of awards including a BAFTA for her documentary Pink Saris. (2010) Other important and compelling Longinotto films include: Sisters in Law (2005), Gaea Girls (2000), Dreamcatcher (2015), Love Is All (2014) and Divorce Iranian Style (1998)

About Sophie Mayer

Sophie Mayer is a renowned commentator on feminism and film. She is the author of Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema (2015) The Cinema of Sally Potter: A Politics of Love (2009), and co-editor of There She Goes: Feminist Filmmaking and Beyond (2010) as well as Lo Personal es Politico, an anthology of essays on feminist documentary (2011). Sophie has also published three poetry collections.

About Dr.Maria Walsh

Dr. Maria Walsh is a Reader in Artists’ Moving Image as well as co-convener of the Subjectivity & Feminisms research group at Chelsea College of Arts. She is an Associate Editor of MIRAJ (Moving Image Review and Art Journal) and a regular contributor to Art Monthly. She is author of Art and Psychoanalysis (2012) and is currently working on a monograph on a therapeutics of screen encounters.

About Dr. Paul O’Kane

Dr. Paul O’Kane is an artist, writer and Lecturer in Critical Studies, Fine Art University of the Arts London. His main research interests are: technology, history, romanticism, modernity, photography and film. Paul writes for leading art journals and is a founder member of artists’ book publisher eeodo, for whom he made Where Is That Light Now? (2014) and for whom he is currently making Technologies of Romance. Paul is a Member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics).