Whitechapel Gallery Café, 1985 – 2007

An installation by Duchamp & Sons in collaboration with Wright & Vandame

  • Thomas Hirschhorn, The Bridge, 2000_1170x655

    Thomas Hirschhorn, The Bridge, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2000.  Archive material, Whitechapel Gallery Archive.

    Material : public works – the bridge 2000, compiled and co-edited by Thomas Hirschhorn, Anthony Spira and Graig Martin, to accompany the exhibition ‘Protest and Survive’, Whitechapel Gallery, 15 September – 12 November 2000.

Past Event

This event was on Sat 15 and Sun 16 Dec, 12 – 6pm

What do Thomas Hirschhorn, Wolfgang Puck and Madonna have in common? They all spent time in Whitechapel Gallery’s former café – a place where visitors could pause halfway through exhibitions for mini eclairs, smoked salmon or chicken curry with rice.

In 2000, artist Thomas Hirschhorn built a bridge connecting the café to the anarchist bookshop next door; celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck taught cooking classes on soup; and singer Madonna autographed a receipt after a meal of chocolate croissants and tea. The café became a hotspot for music and spoken word performances by local musicians and artists.

Over two months Duchamp & Sons have collaborated with artist duo Wright & Vandame to explore alternative histories, transforming spaces, and the uncanny; interweaving fact and fiction to create a new installation and timeline.

For one weekend only, Whitechapel Gallery’s former café reopens serving free coffee, archival information and reimagined stories. Visit the space and dine on a meal of truths and lies.

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