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This event was on Sat 8 Sep, 4pm – 6pm

A well known public figure is circumnavigating the London Art Book Fair disguised as a librarian, a dementor or a stray dog. Writers are situated throughout the fair and its threshold, observing and collectively creating and reworking a rolling commentary with each other on possible sightings.

A collaborative writing exercise with Eva Weinmayr and Eleanor Vonne Brown using a real-time text editor to write a live script from the London Art Book Fair creating imaginative fictional co-authored narration.

In Robert Filliou’s Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts (1970), a study on experimental pedagogy based on the principles of Fluxus and kindred, participatory art movements of Filliou’s era, the publication’s design enacts the principles it discusses: the text is punctuated with blank spaces left for the reader to fill—an invitation to collaborate and co-author the book.

About Eva Weinmayr

Eva Weinmayr is an artist, teacher and researcher working on feminist pedagogies, politics of authorship, publishing and dissemination. Projects include AND Publishing (with Rosalie Schweiker), The Piracy Project (with Andrea Francke), Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy? (Valand Academy Gothenburg), The Library of Omissions and Inclusions, and Downing Street, Help! David Cameron likes my Art (with John Moseley and Titus Kroder, published by New Documents, Los Angeles)

About Eleanor Vonne Brown

Eleanor Vonne Brown produces publishing projects and spaces working mainly in the field of independent publishing. Projects include bookshop and project space X Marks the Bökship, (London), Publication as Practice talk series, X Publishing School: The Three Dimensional Page (Flat Time House),  The Cast of the Crystal Set and Super Woofer Sound Fair (Matt’s Gallery).


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