Young Curators: Archive Project

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Past Event

Duchamp and Sons, the youth forum formerly known as Young Curators, collaborated on a project with artist Paul Crook in order to think about how the legacy of this group might be represented.

Owing to an absence of material relating to Young Curators in the official gallery archive, the project engaged with a much more informal archival source –  a gallery store cupboard. Here,  the group found orphaned photographs of children’s workshops dating back from 1988. Each member of Duchamp and Sons picked an image they found interesting and together the group re-photographed these images in the gallery. By re-staging the pictures in their original locations, populating the ever-changing architecture with 21st century teenagers instead of children, the resulting images challenge the authenticity of the documentary photograph and become familiar recordings of activities made peculiar

A file containing the re-staged photographs can be seen at the Whitechapel Gallery archive. The work will also be on display at Bethnal Green Library from 28 April – 7 May 2011.