Andrés Denegri, Mateusz Sadowski & Dimitri Venkov

Artists’ Film International

  • Mateusz Sadowski, It Takes Time, 2014. Stop-motion animation. © Mateusz Sadowski.

    Mateusz Sadowski, It Takes Time, 2014. Stop-motion animation. © Mateusz Sadowski.

Past Exhibition

Artists’ Film International
Andrés Denegri, Mateusz Sadowski & Dimitri Venkov

4 October – 27 November 2016

Please note this exhibition will be closed from 11am to 12pm on Friday 18 November. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

A selection of international artists’ film focusing on the technology of the image.

Argentine Andrés Denegri (b. 1975) documents his mesmerising installation, where an image is projected onto a long strip of 16mm film. A stop-motion animation by Polish artist Mateusz Sadowski (b. 1984) reverses the relation between subject and background and questions conventional concepts of time. Finally, in Krisis (2016) Dimitri Venkov (b. 1980) reenacts a discussion among Russian and Ukrainian artists on social media during the Maidan protests, revealing deep aesthetic, historical and political divisions.

Andrés Denegri is selected by Fundación PRÓA, Buenos Aires; Mateusz Sadowski by the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw; Dimitri Venkov by National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow.

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Artists' Film International at the Whitechapel Gallery. Designed by Rachael Mills

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