Eduardo Basualdo, Tanya Busse & Emilija Ŝkarnulytė, Brigid McCaffrey & Pallavi Paul

Artists’ Film International

  • Film still from Brigid McCaffrey

    Brigid McCaffrey, Paradise Springs, 2013, Digital film still, Courtesy the artist


Past Exhibition

This exhibition was on 14 July - 27 September 2015

Artists’ Film International
Eduardo Basualdo, Tanya Busse & Emilija Ŝkarnulytė, Brigid McCaffrey & Pallavi Paul 

14 July- 27 September 2015

This season of artists’ film and video around the world includes Eduardo Basualdo’s (Argentina) recent commission Eyelids (2014) which documents an installation of two semi-transparent curtains on both sides of a window. These lift at different moments: the full picture is only revealed when the curtains lift at the same time.

Tanya Busse (Canada) and Emilija Ŝkarnulytės (Norway) collaboration Hollow Earth (2013) examines the process of drilling through layers of geo-strata in the once pristine landscapes of the arctic north. Aerial perspectives are followed by close-ups of surface mining and the subterranean depths of the natural world.

Brigid McCaffrey’s (US) Paradise Springs (2013) explores the excavations in the Mojave Desert by geologist Ren Lallatin. Here, we witness her raw interactions with the natural world, while declaring her rejection of land regulation and privatisation.

Pallavi Paul’s (India) Long Hair, Short Ideas (2014) looks at the role of the ‘revolutionary wife’. Paul’s film explores the life of the Indian poet Vidrohi’s wife and the relationship between her involvement with radical political movements in India in the 1970s and her intimate domestic life.

Films selected by: Fundación PROA, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø, Norway; Ballroom Marfa, Marfa, TX, US; Project 88, Mumbai, India.

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